Monday, January 08, 2007

offically CLOSED.
have MOVED.


leave comment under post.written there red rose.
just click.and leave wadeva you wana say.
goodbye now.

bleeding inside.
5:41 PM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

maybe its time to get over.
get a new life.
start afresh.
not being such a rotten leaf.
after all, you are done using.
hurting people was just your thing.
you will never change right.
just be an asshole.
just hope you will realise your mistake.
miss the past you not now.
hope you will come back.
knock something out please.
oh lord, help.

bleeding inside.
6:16 PM

christmas wishes!
-my new room.
-billabong haverset bag.(black)
-myuk wallet.(black,brown,red)
-converse shoe.
-navel stards!

wad i want for christmas!
most important!
lose weight!NEEDED.

bleeding inside.
1:59 PM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

miss isabel.
hello.i'm over k.hahahs.
no worries la maths la girl went home la.
too smart to be la.

the house.
hey people just two weeks k.don't do anything dumb aand it will be over.
i love you guys.
girl,hope your okay k.
don't blame on jo k. we are all worried for you la.
cheer up k.!
all of us will be going your house k!
we love you girl!
we will be there for you!
: D

one more paper to go.and its over.

wad is nice about him my dear?
small only la.hahs.
anyways since you like him wish you two the best.
stop reading his sms la.

i love you all.

i think i'm gonna get over you.
i just don't think i'm for you.

bleeding inside.
4:41 PM

Sunday, October 01, 2006

its darlings birthday!!
happy birthday beat!
and sam!

i love you two!

sorry oreal for not going to the party.

bleeding inside.
6:01 PM

Saturday, September 30, 2006

went town yesterday with jo and tessa.
bought pantat's present.
ahhas.liny was damn srewed yesterday la.
see la.flirt somemore.
you ah.and that guy is a bastard la.
he think he damn big ah.NOT HOT at all la.
liny-don't go two-timing la.
stick to him la.
anyways, yesterday had english paper.
paper was good.
first paper i did.than slept for an hour.
second paper do and slept for 45mins.
hahas.i'm so tired la.
hahahs.sleeping only.

good luck to all taking NLEVELS!
studay hard!stop slacking!

all the best : D

bleeding inside.
12:59 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

tired like anything la.woke up late for school today.
rush like anything. but i was in time for school.


ahyo,tmr exams starts.
today fel class grp two act was good.
is like the best among all.
oreal dear. you wasted a day not going to school.
your class is acting next week!

i think i'm gonna get over you.
i losing interest.

bleeding inside.
6:33 PM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

feast day was totally good.
hahahs.choir was GOOD.

anyways pictures from feast day!

feast day06'

bleeding inside.
9:44 PM